Find Cheap Camping Tents on Clearance at Walmart

Theodore J. Kapanjie

May 19, 2022

Theodore Kapanjie

According to Theodore Kapanjie, if you’re looking for a camping tent on a budget, consider buying one on clearance at Walmart. They often have cheaper models than comparable Coleman tents. Plus, Walmart offers free overnight camping for those who purchase tents at their stores. Check out Walmart’s website for more information. It might surprise you to know that they have tents that are cheaper than comparable Coleman models.

Ozark Trail Instant 20′ x 10′ Cabin Camping Tent, Sleeps 12

Theodore Kapanjie suggested that, for those of you who love camping and love luxury, you might want to check out the Ozark Trail Instant 20′ x 10′ Cabin Camping Tent, Sleeps 12. This item, which normally retails for $229, is now on sale for only $49! This cabin-style tent is equipped with windows and a canopy for added comfort. Plus, it fits up to 12 people!

The price on Brickseek is not always accurate. You might have to search each store to find the exact price, as clearance prices can differ. Fortunately, there’s a way to find the lowest prices on Amazon and get free shipping! Check out Walmart‘s clearance section, or sign up for Amazon Prime to save even more money! The shipping rates start at just $5.99.

CORE Tents are cheaper than comparable Coleman tents

Theodore Kapanjie explains, if you’re going camping for a few days, you’ll want to consider buying a CORE tent, as they are generally waterproof and come with more features. They are also more expensive than a Coleman tent, but you won’t have any problems with them.

Many of these tents are more expensive than comparable Coleman tents, so it’s worthwhile to compare prices and features. The CORE 9 person instant cabin tent has H20 block technology, which helps keep water out. There are also room dividers in some models, which are very handy if you’re going to spend a night in the tent.

A CORE 9-person instant cabin tent offers a variety of features to make it more appealing to campers. The CORE 9-person instant cabin tent is easy to set up, featuring an instant technology that allows you to get it up in 60 seconds or less. It also includes an adjustable ground vent, which promotes air circulation, and massive wall organizers. The mesh ceilings of this tent make it ideal for stargazing, and the tents are available in different sizes and colors to fit the needs of different groups.

overnight camping by Theodore Kapanjie

In Theodore Kapanjie’s opinion, these tents can accommodate three people, and they often come with other items like two foam sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and chairs. If you’re looking for the perfect tent for your family’s next camping trip, Walmart has several models on clearance.

The best time to purchase a new tent is during the end of the camping season, since these sales are the most attractive. In addition to tents, you can save on all camping gear by purchasing them at the end of the season. Walmart doesn’t have a corporate policy on whether you can sleep in your car, but each individual store can decide if it’s safe and appropriate for you to stay the night.

A Walmart camping lot is not a campground. So don’t bring equipment such as stabilizer jacks, slides, awnings, or lawn chairs. Also, don’t block other RVs’ parking spots. Walmart does not have a dump station on their site, and it’s important to check before setting up camp. If you can’t find a Walmart campsite, check out nearby campgrounds such as Cabela’s and Cracker Barrel.